Where to see wolfs, deer, foxes and other wild animals

Where to see wolfs, deer, foxes and other wild animals

Have you ever seen a wolf? And a mouflon?

There is an incredible place in Teruel (Spain) where you can see wild animals in their own environment. It’s called La Maleza.

Most of the animals that live there have been rescued by animal shelters. Some of them were injured. Others have been found in bad conditions. For those reasons most of them can’t live in freedom and La Maleza is a good place to live in the wild without dangers.

Map La Maleza

Although there are fences to protect the animals, they have wide extensions of land to live. This is not like a zoo, you must be focused and patient if you want to see them.

What animals can we find in La Maleza?

The ferrets are the first animals we can see. They are really cute and go out of their wood house to see who is walking around.

Then we can see the foxes. They are very difficult to see because they hide between the rocks. However, we will see one of them later, near the farm.

The lynx is an animal in danger of extinction, so it is really difficult to find in nature. Here we can admire one of them.

The wolfs always stick out their nose to see who is walking near their territory. However, you must be very concentrated if you want to see them. They are secretive and careful.

You will also admire some herbivores and omnivores like goats, mouflons, boars and deers.

You can visit the farm and meet the little goats, sheeps, donkeys, chickens, rabbits and peacocks. They are very friendly and you can pet some of them.

While you are walking and seeing the animals you can admire the amazing landscapes of this region.

Where is La Maleza?

La Maleza is located in Tramacastilla, a small village in Teruel, which is a region in the middle-east of Spain. You can go there by taxi or by car. Take a look at this link if you need a taxi.

Where to sleep if you visit La Maleza?

You can sleep in one on these recommended hotels near La Maleza:

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