The biggest Dinosaur Museum in Europe

The biggest Dinosaur Museum in Europe

You can visit in Teruel (Spain) the biggest paleontology museum in Europe. It’s called Dinópolis.

Besides the museum, Dinópolis is a theme park about dinosaurs and evolution. The visit is nice for kids, but for adults also.

You will need at least one entire day to visit Dinópolis in-depth, but you can have lunch in the restaurant inside the park.

The museum is the biggest paleontology museum in Europe, and many pieces it contains are unique in the world. It exhibits trilobites, lots of fossils of many animals and plants …

In the outdoor of Dinópolis you will see many dinosaur replicas, like the Turiasaurus, one of the biggest dinosaurs that paced in the world. This zone is called Tierra Magna.

You can enjoy the shows that are programmed along the day. Many actors will make you travel to the prehistory and meet enormous dinosaurs, like the scary T-Rex.

There are 3-D and 4-D cinemas in Dinópolis where you will see the dinosaurs and other prehistorical animals as if you were walking among them.

You will become a time-traveler into the vehicle that takes you to the beginning of the planet Earth, or you could go to the beginning of human history in a boat.

The kids can enjoy the theme park, which has many attractions like the Dinobici, Torresaurio or the Sauriopark.

You can find more information about Dinópolis in

We recommend you to sleep in the Hotel Spa de Teruel, which has a Dinospa (a pool with dinosaur games for children) and a Spa for adults.

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