Teruel Lovers Legend

Teruel Lovers Legend

If you like romantic legends and medieval stories you will enjoy Teruel Lovers Legend.

This legend is based on a medieval parchment discovered many centuries ago, that related a story about two lovers who lived in the XIII century. In 1555, during a job to repair San Pedro’s church in Teruel, two mommies were found, and people identified them as the Lovers of that story. This story was rewritten as a theatre play by Juan Eugenio Hartzenbusch in 1857 and the popularity of the story was increased until it became a popular legend.

Indeed, if you visit Teruel you could find many places that relate the legend. Moreover, you could visit many statues that tell that story, you could visit San Pedro`s church and see the mommies, or, if you luckily can visit Teruel in the second weekend of February, you will assist to a very special representation that makes Teruel travel through time and became a medieval village to attend the Lover Legend representation.

Teruel Lovers Legend (Spain)

The Legend

Teruel Lovers Legend tells the story of Isabel and Diego (called Juan in the original parchment and renamed by Hartzenbusch as Diego in order to sound more romantic). This young couple was in love for many years, but they had a big problem: Isabel was born in a noble family, but Diego was the second son of his family, so he wouldn’t inherit any money or land.

Without money Diego couldn’t marriage with Isabel, so he decided to go to Valencia. There he could earn some money taking part in the war. Before going away he requested Isabel not to get married for five years and she promised to wait for him.

Time went over, and, just when the five years due date was near, Isabel received thrilling news: Diego had died in the war. Isabel’s family didn’t want to wait more time, so they planned the wedding of Isabel and the eldest son of the Azagra family. Isabel didn’t want to be married to Azagra, but nobody matters her opinion.

Everybody on Teruel were celebrated the wedding and taking part in the party when Diego arrived at Teruel riding his horse. When he asked what was the reason for that party he couldn’t believe Isabel hadn’t keep her promise.

Though it was very dangerous, Diego decided to go to Isabel and Azagra’s house, and climb to the window. When he was able to be with Isabel, she told him that she couldn’t stop the marriage.

Diego asked her for a kiss, but she stopped him. Although she was in love with him she couldn’t kiss him, because she was married.

Diego’s heart went break at the moment she refused the kiss, and he died.

Next day everybody was at Diego’s funeral, when a covered woman neared the body. She uncovered her face, kiss him and falled dead over the body. She was Isabel, who decided give Diego that last kiss she couldn’t before.

Everybody was surprised, and the families deciced to bury them together.

Teruel Lovers Legend (Spain)

Visiting Teruel, Lovers’ city

When you visit Teruel, a small city inner Spain, you can go to some interesting places related with this love legend.

For example, you can visit San Pedro’s church and the Lovers Mausoleum where you will find the mommies and an exposition about the Lovers. Also, the staircase that links the train station with the city center has an enormous statue of the legend.

Became a time traveler

But the best plan to remember this love legend is to go to Teruel in February or in September when the city celebrates a big festival.

In September they play the theatre representing the moment when Isabel makes her promise to Diego, and he leaves. It’s a small festival, with a small medieval market and theatre playing on the streets.

And the biggest celebration occurs in February, called “Las Bodas de Isabel” (Isabel’s Weddings). Thousands of tourists and citizens, dressed in medieval style, enjoy the medieval market and the theatre representation of the kiss scene as if we were time travelers. You can find more util information on the web http://www.bodasdeisabel.com/

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