Albarracín, the most beautiful village in Spain

Albarracín, the most beautiful village in Spain

Albarracín is known as the most beautiful village in Spain. In fact, this medieval village has an amazing city wall around its perimeter and its red houses make Albarracín look awesome.

The most curious characteristic of Albarracín is its narrow streets. As a medieval city that needed to be defended, all the village was built inside the walls. The space inside the wall wasn’t very wide, so the streets are very narrow and the houses are wider on the top floors than in the low levels.

Albarracín is surrounded by rodeno rocks that have a characteristic red color. The houses of Albarracín are made of a material composed of rodeno, so their facades are also red.

If you visit Albarracín you can look up to their balcony and the bottom of their roofs, because they are made of forging and wood. Some doorknockers look like animals or mythological creatures.

What to see in Albarracín

If you visit Albarracín you can have a nice walk on its streets, admire its beautiful houses and its narrow streets.

The cathedral, the Diocesan Museum, the Julianeta’s House and the main square are also a must-see in Albarracín.

The Toy Museum is a small paradise to traditional toy lovers. We can find there a huge collection of dolls, tin soldiers and other incredible toys made many years ago.

If you like trekking you will love the river walk of Albarracín and the near pathway presenting several cave paintings (dated between 6000 and 2000 BC).

In addition, you can eat some delicious typical foods, like lamb, migas (traditional food made with bread and meat) and a bowl of very special soup.

Where is Albarracín

Albarracín is placed in the region of Teruel, in the middle-east of Spain. It is quite near to Valencia, and there is a good road from Zaragoza and Valencia.

Where to sleep in Albarracín

We recommed you these hotels, located in Albarracín:

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